PRIVATE POLICY basically works on employee and employer permanent contractual service. This contractual services taking different information will be authentic and trust worthy by maintaining branding issue on the global market

Confidentiality :
• As we are in commitment you are fully protected from your personal confidentiality and whether you will chose to provide your personal data they can review it or not but others will not do it.
• As you apply your job application by our account your all information will be displayed to the company, you are submitting your CV.
• You may be blocked by the company or you may block the company that you dislike.
• You can close your CV from our account at any time.
• If we see you are disobeying our term of Use we will immediately terminate your account for both employee and employers. Here you will be limited contact with employers as they need for your services.

Email Resume
• It’s a facility to an employee to email his employers by our services.

E-Mail this job to a friend
• It’s a service to send information to his friends about this jobs related description. It’s a helping hand to gather many employees for a company.

Resume References
• Resume Reference is a good idea where employer can verify the connected person is true or false if they feel to need the contact in any purpose.

Job Mail Service
• You will receive an email from your jobs application. You can identify titles skills organizations type as you want.

E-Mail Notification Services
• You will get email notifications by your letmibd account like employers jobs message, Newsletter, workshop training and others. You are free to take this service on your email notifications.

Third-Party Tracking Technologies
• Letmibd,com takes Google Analytics Tracking technology to track visit to our website which help us to analyze our website that is our internal use only.

• Letmibd make sure your personal data protection by encryption passwords and physical security against unauthorized access.

Termination of E-Mail Notification
• Letmibd provide all employers and employees not to be use of E-mail notification at any time.

Company Public Profile
• It’s a great advantage to edit your update profiles according your job promotion.
• A company can update its profiles according its developed situation.
• A company has authority to post a lot of jobs post any time.
• All company will be notified about its jobs details.
• All employee and employer can be getting message and also from Letmibd have allow sending and receiving all messages from them and others.
• A company can review its followers.
• For security purpose all can use logout once.
• Letmibd has authority to revise and update its private policy and others from time to time at our website.
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